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The Super Nerds and the Snail Army of Doom

The Super Nerds and the Snail Army of Doom

Episode One in the Super Nerds Series

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Can the school nerds become the school superheroes? Maybe, but defeating the Snail Army of DOOM will not be as easy as algebraic equations.

Meet the two nerds, Reggie and Hilda.

Reggie LOVES math. He is an engineering whizz kid. The toolkit he keeps around his waist at all times contains every little gizmo needed to take anything apart, then put it back together again.

Hilda LOVES reading. She is a classic know-it-all. And when she doesn’t know the answer, the encyclopedias she carries in her backpack at all times will help her find the answers, along with several follow up facts.

Their adventure begins with a simple mission to deliver a mystery parcel to the school’s mysterious caretaker. But what if I told you that this ordinary task leads them straight into the clutches of a supervillain? Meet Mr. Nitwhitt, the strange caretaker with a sinister secret — he’s plotting to unleash a super hurricane upon the school!

Did he mean to create an army of killer snails?Nope!

Is he happy that he accidentally created the mutant snails and can now unleash their slimy ninja skills upon the school?Oh yes!

As Reggie and Hilda uncover Mr. Nitwhitt’s diabolical plan, they realize they must embrace their inner heroes and stop him before it’s too late. Armed with Reggie’s toolkit and Hilda’s encyclopedic knowledge, can they outsmart the villain and save the day? Or are they doomed to become nothing but tasty snail food with a higher that average IQ?

Get ready for a whirlwind of hysterical laughter as The Super Nerds embark on their first epic adventure. With quirky characters and a plot packed with twists and turns, this hilarious tale will keep you laughing until the very end.

Join Reggie and Hilda as they discover the true power of friendship, courage, and a massive dollop of silly silliness. Don’t miss out on the fun — grab your copy of ‘The Super Nerds and the Snail Army of Doom’ today and dive into a world where even the most unlikely heroes can save the day!


Age Range

Recommended Reading Age: 7 - 10 year olds

Specifications & Dimentions

Dimensions: 5.2 x 7.75 inches

Weight: 185 g

Page Count: 181

Publication Date:

Langauge: English

ISBN: 9781915646477

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