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James Warwood is a writer and illustrator who lives on the borders of North Wales with his wife, two sons, and cactus (called Steve the Cactus).

He has a degree in Theology, which at the time seemed like a great idea, until he realised he didn't want to become an RE Teacher. Instead, he writes laugh-out-loud middle grade fiction and non-fiction. He also fills them with his silly cartoons. He is the bestselling author of the EXCUSE ENCYCLOPEDIA and the TRUTH OR POOP SERIES.

James likes whiskey, squirrels, reading silly books, playing his bass guitar, and Greggs Sausage Rolls. He does not like losing at board games or having to writing about himself in the third person.

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The Super Nerds

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Middle-Grade Stand-Alone Fiction

Humorous fiction with heart (if you like David Walliams, you'll love these)

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The Excuse Encyclopedia

Non-fiction cartoon series full of helpful tips and laugh-out-loud silliness for getting the most out of life

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