Fact #3 - Answer

It sounds hilarious, and that is because it is! How could the world's most-loved American country singer lose at being her?

Many years ago, Dolly Parton hit the music scene and became an instant global phenomenon. She’s short, funny, beautiful, and an amazing singer-song writer. But it turns out she isn’t very good at looking like herself.

She decided it would be fun to enter a celebrity impersonator contest in Los Angeles without revealing her identity. She over-exaggerated her features, making her beauty mark bigger, eyes bigger, the hair even bigger than usual. When she had her turn to walk across the stage, she reported she got the least applause. Apparently, the audience felt she was too short to make a convincing Dolly Parton (she is only 5 feet tall). And she ended up losing to a man in a sparkly dress.

But don’t feel too bad for her. She has an estimated $650 million in her bank account, so I think she could hold a rematch and easily pay off the rest of the competition, and the judges, and me, if she wants.

More Dolly Parton Facts:

  • Dolly is Miley Cyrus's godmother.
  • She has her own theme park called Dollywood but has never gone on any of the rides as she suffers from motion sickness.
  • She owns around 300 wigs, so she probably only has around 65 bad hair days.

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