Puzzling Predator Sample - Answer

Wolf running in the snow
Say hello to the ultimate endurance hunters. They’ll make the most experienced marathon runner sweat.
People know wolves for their pack hunting strategies. They use a method called persistence hunting, which is basically a fancy term for tiring your enemy out until they can’t run anymore. Wolves can cover vast distances at a steady speed in pursuit of their prey. It’s like they’re in their own version of the London Marathon, but instead of a finish line, there’s a bison. And instead of a medal, they get dinner.

In the past, humans were afraid of apex predators such as wolves. However, we now know they play important roles in their habitats. In the 1920s, people forced wolves to leave Yellowstone National Park in the USA. But without wolves, the elk population grew exploded. They ate young trees too quickly, devoured food sources needed by other animals, and stripped important vegetation from riverbanks increasing erosion.

Since wolves were reintroduced in 1995, the elk population has declined from a high of 20,000 to fewer than 5,000. Forests are recovering, beavers are returning, and the wolves are happily governing over their domain. The balance has been restored.

So, if you ever see a wolf in running shoes, you’ll know why!

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