Monthly Giveaway

Book Giveaways for Children Ages 2 to 10 Years

It's the Ronseal of book giveaways - it does exactly what it says in the book giveaway title!

Quite a broad age range, right? Which means, when you click through and check out these free books, you're going to find all sorts in there, including:

  • Cat and dog detective squad
  • A dragon that collects mushrooms
  • A doggie superhero
  • Football stuff (sorry, I'm not a football fan)
  • A pug wearing sunglasses
  • A book called . . . Is that a hat?
  • True or false quiz book all about amazing animals (which is mean!)


The Giveaway that Will Eat All the Other Giveaway's for Breakfast

Much better name, right? That's because I came up with it (I didn't create this giveaway, it was a giveaway without a name, and so I could resist).

There's my freebie, over on the far left (and yes, I also created the promo image, and made sure it wasn't over on the far right). I'll be downloading all the others and joining the authors newsletters too. Because I love books and I also do genuinely enjoy reading emails. It's so much better than getting sucked into the black hole of Instagram!