Stegosaurus Fact #1 - Answer

Okay. Before anyone makes any jokes, I should reveal what my favourite dinosaur is. Nope. It’s not T-Rex or Triceratops. It’s Mr. Spikey Hotdog Brain.

Stegosaurus was a giant of its day. From nose to tail it was 6.5 m long and weighed around 4 tons. However, it has a tiny skull for its colossal size. Dino-experts estimate that its brain would have weighed 80 grams and was the size and shape of a bent hotdog (and, to clarify, I’m not talking about a poodle with a temperature, I’m talking about the processed sausage in a bun).

Many people think walnut rather than hotdog. Google it and most sites will claim the brain size of a stegosaurus was the same as the tiny nut that tastes like soil. But this is a new discovery. Don’t ask me how the dino-experts changed their mind, but I’m willing to bet they were hungry at the time. So far, no other dinosaur has been discovered with a smaller brain size in comparison with its skeleton size—so it’s safe to also assume the stegosaurus was also the dumbest?

How did the dumbest dinosaur survive? As a general rule, all animals only need to be slightly more intelligent than the food it eats (for Mr. Hotdog Brain, that was primitive plants as it was a herbivore), and alert enough to avoid or fight off predators (and that was Allosaurus).

Why is the stegosaurus my favourite dinosaur? Simple, they have an awesome in-built mohawk!

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