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The Super Nerds and the Golden Sneeze Machine

The Super Nerds and the Golden Sneeze Machine

Episode Two in the Super Nerds Series

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Think you’ve heard of every superpower imaginable? Wait until you discover the hilariously gross secret lurking in Nigel’s nostrils!

When the villainous school caretaker, Mr. Nitwhitt, kidnaps Nigel, it’s up to the Super Nerds to save the day. But Nigel is no ordinary kid - he’s a walking, talking allergic reaction. As Reggie and Hilda embark on a wild rescue mission filled with bouncing killer snails, super-powered shenanigans, and a mad scientist’s basement laboratory, they discover Nigel’s true superpower in the most unexpected (and gross) way possible.

Perfect for fans of ‘Captain Underpants’, ‘Dog Man’, and ‘The Treehouse Books’, ‘Super Nerds and the Golden Sneeze Machine’ is a super silly story that will have young readers giggling from start to finish. Join the Super Nerds as they navigate wacky obstacles, confront their fears, and learn the power of friendship and self-acceptance.

James Warwood brings his perfect blend of zany humour and imaginative storytelling to this action-packed chapter book. With its quirky characters, goofy superpowers, and laugh-out-loud hijinks, this book will delight children aged 6 to 10 and inspire a love of reading.

Join the legions of young readers giggling their way through the Super Nerds series - buy your copy now!


Age Range

Recommended Reading Age: 7 - 10 year olds

Specifications & Dimentions

Dimensions: 5.2 x 7.75 inches

Weight: 174 g

Page Count: 169

Publication Date:

Langauge: English

ISBN: 9781915646491

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