Fact #11 - Answer

Prepare to be surprised! The bathroom bathmat is number 8. The toilet seat doesn’t make the top 10. And the item you are currently reading this fact from probably has. (I’ll give you a moment to get some anti-bacterial spray and rubber gloves).

So, it’s the disgusting leaderboard nobody wants to read about . . . The Top Ten Household Items that have the Highest Bacterial Load:

10 - Purse / Bag

We carry them into the big wide world, place them on the floor so they collect tons of bacteria, then we take them home and put them . . . on the dining room table or the kitchen countertop!!! Maybe put them by the front door instead and remember to give them a clean once in a while.

9 - Mops

They are supposed to be the thing we used to clean the floor, but it turns out they breed bacteria. A wet mop is the perfect location for bacteria to have a massive party and multiply like crazy! But letting your mop dry in the sunshine is a great way to ruin their party.

8 - Bathmat and Towels

Just like mops, a damp towel actually encourages bacterial growth. And the thing about bathmats is that many of use forget to wash them. It's recommended you throw it in the washing machine with the towels, preferably on a hot wash.

7 - Toothbrush

Now this one is disturbing! Studies have shown that over 100 million bacteria can contaminate your toothbrush, and if it's close to your toilet, every time you flush poo particles could be landing on it. If that’s you, what are you waiting for? Move it, now! And make sure you keep it upright so excess water drains away.

6 - Kitchen Chopping Board

The popular internet cleaning fact, the kitchen chopping board has more bacteria than your toilet seat, is 100% true. Every time you chop, the knife leaves a tiny groove for a family of bacteria to call their new home. But cleaning them regularly with a bleach-based cleaner or vinegar will keep the germs away.

5 - Laptop / Computer Keyboard

The keyboard has touched everything your fingertips have touched, and you can multiple that by the number of people using it. Studies have shown that keyboards contain 400 million more bacteria than a toilet seat. So, treat it like a number 2, every time you use the keyboard, always wipe after!

4 - Toothbrush Holder

It stands to reason that, if your toothbrush has made the top ten, the toothbrush holder would beat it. That’s because your toothbrush is probably sitting next to your brothers or sisters or parents one. No social distancing in those cups! So don’t forget to give them a good clean and wash your hands after brushing your teeth.

3 - Mobile Phone

This has all the same principles as a keyboard. With one important addition, you can’t take your keyboard into the toilet. Studies show that most people use their mobile phone on the toilet, which means it also gets all those lovely bathroom germs splatting all over it. Alcohol wipes are the best way to keep it clean, and washing your hands with warm soapy water regularly.

2 - Kitchen Sponge

Most people assume the bathroom is the germiest place in the house, but it’s actually the kitchen. And the germiest kitchen object of all is the washing-up sponge. People tend to forget to clean the thing they used to clean the dishes. Moistening and microwaving your cleaning sponge for a few minutes is an easy way to beat the germs and replacing it every other week.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for (especially your mum as she is poised with an anti-bac wipe ready to wipe number 1 till it sparkles).

1 - TV Remote

Just like your mobile phone and keyboard, it’s an everyday item that gets used by multiple people every day, except it is the most common item to be forgotten on the cleaning rota. When was the last time you cleaned it? Exactly! Putting some disinfectant wipes next to where the TV Remote lives should solve that.

More toilet facts:

  • The world’s oldest toilet that still works is around 4000 years old. It can be seen in Knossos in Greece, where the legend of the Minotaur began.
  • There are public toilets in London made of reflective glass mirrors. When inside, you can see outside, but no one can in. Would you be able to have a tinkle in that toilet?
  • Here are some common slang words used for the toilet, if you fancy renaming your family bathroom: the powder room, the outhouse, the dunny, the bog, the privy, the place of easement, the little girls’ room, the throne room.

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