Fact #5 - Answer

It sounds crack-pot crazy, but it’s true. You can even go to the place where it was rebuilt and visit the bridge that has stood for over 185 years on two continents.

First things first, we are not talking about Tower Bridge, the more famous bridge in London that splits into two, allowing large boats to travel up the River Thames. The bridge we are talking about is the next one up. Rebuilt in 1883 by a Victorian architect, it was considered boring by locals having replaced a medieval bridge that had buildings and waterwheels dotted along it.

Then, in the 1960s, London Bridge was falling down, again. But instead of repairing it, the City of London decided it needed an upgrade to keep up with growing traffic demands. So, they put it up for sale and an eccentric American business owner bought it. Robert McCulloch had been looking for something for the town he built to attract tourists. He paid $2,460,000 for it and spent a further $7 million to ship it across the Pacific Ocean and rebuild it in Arizona, USA.

Everyone thought he was crazy! But it worked. His town became a popular tourist attraction and, if you’re in the neighbourhood, you can go and take a stroll over London Bridge yourself.

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