Truth or Poop? Book 3: Gruesomely Gross Facts

True or false quiz book all about the gruesome and gross stuff in the world that’ll keep you guessing to the end for fans of National Geographic Kids Weird but True books.

Here’s the challenge – can you sort the facts from the fibs:

  • Scientists have made a pill that will make your poo smell like chocolate.
  • Farts exit your body at 7 mph.
  • Ear wax isn’t wax. It would be more accurate to call it ear snot.
  • You sleep with 1.5 million dust mites every night.
  • The Romans used crushed mouse brains as toothpaste.

Inside this wild and wacky book, you’ll discover 50 gruesomely gross facts. Some will sound stupid, some will seem obvious, and some may even sound familiar. But you’ve got to think long and hard to work out which are real and which are complete nonsense. That’s right, some are the TRUTH and others are POOP!

Kids will get hooked, parents will be baffled, teachers will go cross-eyed, and grandparents will lose their false teeth.

This is the perfect gift for inquisitive children that will widen their knowledge and keep them entertained and amazed for HOURS!

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