The Girl Who Vanquished the Dragon

⚠ QUESTION ⚠ – What animal would you turn into if you drank Mr. Fitz’s Fabulous Formula?

  • Mr. Dickens, the village dentist, turned into a LION
  • Mrs. Wrinklebottom, the village sandwich shop owner, turned into a ZEBRA
  • Reverend Nightingale, the village vicar, turned into a MOUSE
  • And the village postman, black smith, butcher, milkman, and orphanage headmistress turned into a PIG, GORILLA, SHEEP, FLY, and GRIZZLY BEAR
  • However, Penny, the village orphan, continued to be a girl.  

You see, when a mysterious travelling salesman called Mr. Fitz came to the village of Sandwich selling his fabulous formula, Penny did not drink it. She also managed to stop Earl, the village idiot, from drinking it too.  

This all sounds rather fun, and it was until someone turned into a DRAGON, and not a friendly one (think sharp teeth, sharper claws, and flammable burps that can burn more than just your eyebrows off). He took over the village and made everyone call him the ‘Gracious and Merciful Dragon Overlord of Sandwich’. 

He was a menace. He needed to be vanquished and seeing as everyone else now had a tail and hooves and furry bottoms, it was all down to Penny and Earl to do the vanquishing. 

This hilarious book, illustrated with over thirty pencil drawings, is quite possibly the silliest story ever told! If you enjoyed Roald Dahl’s George’s Marvellous Medicine or David Walliams’ The Beast of Buckingham Palace, you’ll love The Girl Who Vanquished the Dragon.

Read the first three chapters here.

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