Fact #17 - Answer

Well, this is actually one of those half-poops that floats around the toilet bowl of the internet. Kinda true, but also kinda not at all true.

The True Bit – the Scottish government did change the slogan used on signs placed at all the entry points into the country, including the airports. The old slogan was The Best Small Country in the World. And the money spent on the process of changing the slogan was £250,000. But that’s where this fact starts to develop a pooey whiff.

The Poop Bit – it cost the Scottish government nothing to think of the slogan (of course), as the $250,000 price tag was for the design, printing and installation of the signage. However, the tabloid papers heard about the change and printed the eye-catching headline claiming the simple slogan cost a quarter of a million dollars.

But don’t let the slogan put you off, as Scotland is a magical place. Home of Hogwarts, the Loch Ness Monster, and the elixir of life – whiskey.

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