Fact #6 - Answer

Stop. Put down the banana! Instead, grab your pillow and carry on reading to find out what to do with it.

So, what should you do with that pillow? Well, if it’s 29th May, you need to put on the fridge.

Why? Well, the roots of this odd-sounding tradition go back hundreds of years, starting in the early 1900s. Before you ask, no, the refrigerator was not invited yet. Instead, they had a larder (a cold and small room to store meat and other food). People in Europe and the USA believed that hanging a sheet of linin from their bedroom in the larder brought luck and prosperity. Strange, I know, but stick with me. Food is something most of us take for granted. Back then, during both world wars, food was scarce and in some countries, it was rationed. If you too have ever worried about whether you’ll have enough food to eat, you’ll appreciate this simple tradition of hoping for more food for your family.

Over time, the tradition has been adapted to keep up with the modern kitchen, and now every year on 29th May, families all over the world place a pillow on top of their fridge. It’s even become a social media craze, where people will take a picture of their pillow next to their milk (search #putyourpillowonthefridge for inspiration).

So, go on then. See if you can fit your pillow in the fridge. But only if its 29th May, otherwise everyone will assume you’re going bonkers.

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