Back from the Dead Red

Ruthless Pirates // Epic Monsters // Legendary Adventures

The Kraken has been released . . .

Merchant ships have been going missing at sea. People are claiming the Caribbean waters have been unseasonably rough, but there have been rumours in Port Royal that a sea monster has been searching for something, or perhaps someone.

A cabin boy searching for answers . . .

Sam never knew his father, and his mother died when he was very young. Now that he was the cabin boy aboard the infamous Henry Morgan’s pirate ship, he had found a new family. And the adventure had just begun.

A race to find the next skeleton key . . .

The Old Witch of the Sea is searching for the remaining keys, that legend says will control a sea monster. She already has one. Henry and Sam are in a race against time to find them first, before the witch can use them to destroy the Caribbean.

Continue this gripping tale packed with pirates, monsters and adventure for Fans of Rick Riordan’s Peter Jackson and the Olympians series and Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant series.

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