Right now parents need all the help they can get! Let me set the scene:

  1. Coronavirus (or COVID-19) has become a global pandemic.
  2. Schools all over the world have closed until summer.
  3. The goblins (sometimes referred to as ‘our delightful kids’) have now taken control of the home and are graciously allowing us parents to live in the basement.

Right now people all over the world are looking for books to entertain and educate their little goblins. At the same time money is extremely tight. So, those who will continue to read this blog post will discover great ways to find free and discounted eBooks for children in need of a massive pile of reading material.


There are plenty of places to find great books for free, but I’ve found that the best place has to be the Top 100 Children’s eBooks on Amazon Kindle.

Being the biggest bookshop in the world means it also has the most books in its catalogue and the most readers in its garden. If you want to find out what free books other parents are feeding to their goblins right now then it’s in that list. When I just checked there were loads of free educational books to help parents add home schooling to their CV’s.

Daily eBook Email Deals

The day I discovered this my digital book library quadrupaled!

There are several great email blasts that, get this, will send you discounted and free books every single day. You can even tell them what kind of books you like and they tailor the email to your preferences (kids books for goblin number one, middle grade books for goblin number two, thrillers for the goblin king and romance for the queen of the goblin kingdom).

Here’s a list that I’d personally reccomend:

Online Library

The doors to your local library have been locked, but did you know you can still read the books without having to step inside the building?

There’s an app for everything these days, and that included the library service. Let me introduce you to Borrow Box. Download the app, find your library, enter your membership number and you can start borrowing books again from the comfort of your home. Put simply, you now have your entire local library on your phone! That includes the children’s books (but not the old carpet and tiny plastic chairs).

Become a Book Reviewer

Although this may sound like work rather than play, hear me out.

During this time of quarantine, kids need educating. Reading is an important piece of the learning puzzle, and so is writing. You can get your hands on free books in return for honest reviews – two birds one stone!

Netgalley is biggest review service, although you need to prove you are an influencer. LoveReading4Kids and Toppsta are two wonderful book review sites, both of which have kids areas with giveaways and resources to get them into writing reviews. The Prolific Works App is another great place to get free books, in return for giving your email address to the author (and I think its only right that you review a book the author has gifted, don’t you?)

All My Books – Discounted to 99p / 99c

I want to do my part in helping the world through this crisis.

As a humble children’s author, there’s no much I can do, but at the very least I can lower the barrier of entry to my books. So, I’ve slashed the prices. Even my latest book released 27th March 2020 – The Village Creatures.

You can find my discounted books at Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

I hope all this will help in these challenging times and you are able to amass a gigantic pile of books for your kids.

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