I’m excited to announce that two of my books are available for FREE, alongside another 19 free children’s books, in the . . .

Big Summer Holiday Children’s Book Giveaway

49 Excuses for Not Tidying Your Bedroom and my latest children’s humourous fiction The Boy Who Stole One Million Socks are in this amazing giveaway aimed at keeping kids across the globe entertained throughout the summer holiday. The giveaway runs all through Summer 2018 and will end 31st August. In the giveaway you’ll find a boy who uncovers alien powers (Ben Archer and the Cosmic Fall), a chicken who thinks she is a goat (The Adventures of MerryLyn) and a story told by Thomas Jefferson’s pet dog (Buzzy and Thomas move into the president’s house).

I’ve started reading Noah Drake And The Dragon Killer, another book in the promo by Ben Russell, which cleverly mixes Adventures in Odyssey with Jurassic Park. DINOSAURS = EXCITING READ! I love the cover and will be sure to post a book review on Goodsreads and Amazon when finished.

Follow this link and download all these free children’s books while you can.

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