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Answer… yes, I do have a pre-order for you (and this one is green).

Introducing the latest ebook in the 49… Series – ’49 Excuses for Skipping Gym Class’ (get your copy from the following stores: Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, B&N, & Smashwords).

Here are 4 excuses to read it:

  1. As always, there’s plenty of cartoons to make you chuckle
  2. …and along with those cartoons are some golden nugget excuses for skipping a workout
  3. Erm… did I mention it’ll make you chuckle?
  4. You’ll make me a very happy chappy indeed!

This one was written and illustrated in record time. If you haven’t noticed this already I really enjoying drawing and writing, and most of all sharing the fruits of my labour with you all. So I sincerly hope you enjoy this one.

Now I’ve reached the 5th book in the 49… Series I feel I can move on to other projects. I’ll be editing and illustrating my next childrens fiction – ‘Bunny Terror’ (which you can start reading on Wattpad now). So expect to see some pictures soon. All being well it’ll be released early next year.

Thanks for reading!

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