Blog Four BooksAnother book has appeared… and this one is purple.

’49 Questions to Annoy Your Parents’ has finally arrived and is available for pre-order today now from Amazon & Kobo (so far, iTunes, Smashwords and Nook to follow).

By now most people probably know the deal with these little cartoon books I’ve been writing and drawing for the past two years, but for the sake of being thorough here’s what you will find inside:

  • 49 annoying questions
  • 49 silly cartoons
  • All linked together by more silliness
  • Plus somewhere inside you’ll find a killer onion, a butterfly reading a book and the letter ‘k’ with a goofy grin

Needless to say book 4 in the 49… Series was extremely fun to make (he typed with an even goofier grin on his face). Much like the last release I’ll upload some snippits and sneak-peaks so be on the look out!

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