Writing Progress 2

It may seem like progress has been slow over the winter period, and I am willing to accept this statement (with a clenched jaw and a healthy collection of excuses). So I am hoping that using the Star Wars font in my graphic will make the progress I have made more note-worthy/dramatic/exciting-enough-to-keep-your-interest.

My biggest achievement would be finishing the first draft of my next children’s fiction book – Seaweed and the Carrot Bandits. A huge milestone but also a sobering one. You see, now that the first draft has been completed the next stage is to edit every chapter, paragraph and word so it all makes sense. Here is the breakdown:

  • 27 chapters
  • 87 pages (in 11pt font)
  • 40,805 words

While editing I will also start drawing the next instalment in the 49… Series – 49 Annoying Question to Ask Your Parents. So when I start pulling my hair out over sentence structure and plot continuity I can escape the editing nightmare by picking up a pencil and drawing silly pictures. . .  drawings like this. . .

Hand and Brain Desease Security Vault

So over the next few months I will be editing, then drawing, then editing, then banging my head against the desk, then drawing, and so on. Hopefully, if I have enough brain cells left, both books will be published by the end of the summer (I predict 49 Annoying Questions to Ask Your Parents will be first). I will let you know once they are coming out, of course.

Thanks for keeping an interest.

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