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I’d like to introduce you to the newest, shiniest member of the 49… Series – ’49 Excuses for Not Doing Your Homework’ – available for pre-order now from Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords (and also B&N and iBooks soon).

Inside you’ll find 49 drawings and 49 excuses (as per usual). I think I’ve really kick it up a notch this time; everything just feels better:

  • the illustrations are more daring than ever before
  • the ideas hit a new level of silliness/cheekiness
  • even the eBook production is more professional

There’s no point in pretending that the inspiration for this one was a strenuous process. All the ideas for these excuses came naturally thanks to 12 years of the British Educational System and the inability to remember my homework. I was a willing student. I did my homework (most of the time). Sometimes I even enjoyed it. The problem was my wonderfully written homework would sit on the desk in my bedroom because I had forgotten to put in my school bag.

So I hope that the end result (this collection of humourous excuses for forgetful kids like me) shows the added effort that went into this addition for my little cartoon eBook series. Most of all I hope everyone who opens it will enjoy it!

~~~Review Copies Available~~~

For the first time ever I’d like to give away some eBooks for honest reviews. It’s simple really… you let me know you’re interested… I’ll send you the eBook in the format of your choice for free… you read it… then review it online wherever you like!

If you’re interested please drop me an email – cjwarwood-at-hotmail-dot-com.

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