At 10:04pm last night I was putting the final touches to the first draft of my next eBook in the 49… Series.

There’s still a long list of boring stuff to do before it can be published – editing, tweaking, proof reading, the all-important ‘wife’s approval’ – but I had to share a sneak peak with everyone. So here you go:

***If anyone is interested in doing a spot of proof reading please let me know as this is my kryptonite! Help would be greatly appreciated.***

Brain Freeze“Timmy’s brain has gone on vacation due to SBF Disease (severe brain freeze)… It has gone to the Bahamas to thaw off and unwind. Do not set him any homework until his brain has returned, unless the homework is to drool on a piece of paper .”

Pet Dog

“I didn’t forget my homework. Look… this my adorable pet dog called Homework. She needs constant attention, regular walks to the park, and food hourly. Otherwise she’ll become a raging monster and eat all the chairs!”

That’s all you’re getting for now folks.

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