I’ve been drawing in the early hours of the morning lately… with no socks on… and it’s been mega!!

20 drawings in 2 weeks.

That works out as 1.42857 drawings a day.

Which means that’s 20 out of 49 drawings ticked off my check list for my next eBook – 49 Excuses for Not Doing Your Homework. Check out the fruits below:


This revelation brings me to ask the serious, and hopefully beneficial to fellow illustrators, question: why does drawing with your socks off boast productivity? Here’s some possible explanations:

  1. Cold laminate flooring against your naked feet has x4 the wake-up power compared to the traditional morning brew
  2. Cotton + foot sole + pencil = slow and lethargic squiggles and lots of rubbing out
  3. Sole + pencil + cold floor = fast and efficient pencil strokes with some nifty shading
  4. Do pencils wear socks?… I think not!
  5. Could foot freedom be directly linked to creativity?
  6. In order to be at ‘one’ with your pencil, you should be at ‘one’ with blah blah blah some spiritual lingo

I’d like to encourage you to join me in my morning experiment. Don’t suffocate your feet. Give them time to breathe before your working day starts and you might discover, like myself, that your mornings turn into something exciting.

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