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Monthly Cartoon: The Gay Ghost

Gay Ghost

I drew this cartoon for Halloween ages ago!

Then forgot about it until today. . . the day after Halloween. . . so I could either wait for another 360 days or post it a day late (hope you agree I made the right decision).

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Monthly Cartoon: The Holy Spirit


In the past year I’ve been luck enough to visit three whiskey distillaries in three different countries: Glenkinchie Distillary (Edinburgh, Scotland), Jameson’s Old Distillary (Dublin, Ireland), and Pendryn Distillary (Pendryn, South Wales).

The word ‘whiskey’ comes from the old Gaelic term ‘uisge beatha’, which literally translates as “the water of life”. Naturally after learning this important piece of trivia the spirits cabinat in my dining room has quickly become more of a whiskey cabinat, complete with several tumblers and tulip glasses.

Clearly whiskey is the one spirit that rules them all, so I figured it deserved a cartoon… and this is it – ‘The Holy Spirit’.

Got some exciting news to share soon about my next fiction book and will also being sharing new drawings for my next 49 eBook aswell, so keep a look out and enjoy the cartoon.