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5 Meaning of Life


As you can probably guess you’re currently looking at the very first drawing I did for my eBook ’49 Excuses for Not Tidying Your Bedroom’. I’m sure you’ll agree I’ve come a long way since then (which was back in 2011… I think). You can tell I didn’t have a clue what I was doing: the misshaped potato head, the table tennis bat feet, the spikey tuff which looks like hair and a mono-brow at the same time. But I was having fun creating something… and I still am:)

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Monthly Cartoon: Primary Teacher Wife

6 Things Every Husband Must Do for their Primary School Teacher WifeGood morning… and happy Friday!

Being a husband to (a wonderful) Primary School Teacher this particular idea has been bubbling in my brain for months. I felt obligated to share my knowledge and handy tips with my fellow husbands/partners/housemates who live with a Primary School Teacher. Its good to finally share it with you.

Have a cracking weekend and I’ll see you on the other side.


4 Hypnosis

Morning folks… I’m so excited to share this drawing with you.

It makes me smile to think of a kids swinging a time piece and hypnotically staring into their parents eyes in the hope they’ll get a cookie. Definitely not my best suggestion to score cookies but certainly one of my favourites… which is why I decided to share it with you.

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Monthly Cartoon: Talking to Your Boss

6 Sentences You Should Never Say to Your Boss


I’m extremely glad Friday has arrived, partly because it means the weekend is around the corner, but mostly because I get to share another cartoon with you. I overheard one of these in the office I work in (number 5) while the boss was away and it made me chuckle… that’s something you definitely don’t want to suggest! So I thought of another 5 that made me laugh, put pencil to paper, and here they are – 6 Sentences You Should Never Say To Your Boss.

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New Word – ‘Delegation’

3 Delegation

Morning folks…

I love this excuse from my cartoon eBook series, probably because I use to love Lego but mostly because this was one of the first 49 drawings that made it into the first eBook. Oh, and if you’re going to try this excuse remember to copy the cheeky grin.

You can find all the excuses in the eBook – 49 Excuses for Not Tidying Your Room –  available from: Kindle Store, Kobo Books, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords

Monthly Cartoon: Friday Procrastination Tactics

10 Procrastination Tacics

10 Procrastination Tacics cont

Good morning to you… and thanks for dropping by.

Friday has traditionally been the day that the Office Workers of the world find new ways to avoid work, thus beckoning the weekend closer. If you’re beginning to run out of ideas then I’ve come up with 10 that should tide you over until 5:30pm. (Just remember to incriminate a different cartoonist if you get caught and we’ll remand best friends!)

Seeing you again on Monday morning for another excuse for not tidying your room, taken from my favourite eBook.

Monthly Cartoon: The Train Commute to Work

5 Tip for the Morning Train Commute

Morning all… happy Friday!

This drawing is for those of you who are getting ready to hop on a train to get to work this morning. My commute to work on my push bike is a little more breezy than it is for you train commuters. So if you find yourself in any of these situation, just remind yourself that at least trains don’t get punctures!

See you again on Monday morning.

The Contemporary Modern Artist Excuse

This drawing is taken from one of my eBook’s called ’49 Excuses for Not Tidying your Bedroom’.

We’ve all faced the parental glare because our bedrooms were untidy. But did you ever try this excuse?… If you did I’m guessing you probably didn’t also balance a worm under your nose and temporarily lose both your hands (I drew this while I was scared of drawing hands, I still have to redo them at least 6 times before they look alright!)

If you like this silly little excuse you can find the other 48 in my eBook. I know I would say this, being the person who made it, but I think it’s my best one. Here are some links to places where you can buy it: Kindle Store, Kobo Books, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords

Monthly Cartoon: The Easter Sunday Roast

Hello world… happy Easter!

I’ve decided to share my drawings with you. This one (as the title states) is for anyone brave enough to cook a roast dinner this Easter Sunday. Good luck, and well done in advance.

I’ll be posting a drawing every Friday and Monday morning on Twitter and Facebook. Sharing would be most appreciated.