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“Oh bugger”

Well, it’s official.

The UK Government has upgraded the Coronavirus warning level from “slightly miffed” to “oh, bugger”, and now we’re all are pretty much stuck inside for the foreseeable future.

(But, one nice silver-lining for me, my extremely organised wife has been bulk buying toilet paper before the pandemic hit from Who Gives a Crap. So I didn’t have to start a fight in Tesco for the last pack of loo rolls).

With all that in mind, I want to do my bit to help parents and kids get through this period of school closures and isolation.

Yes, I’m in the process of making as much fun and entertaining content available as I can to make sure none of us go stir-crazy, all starting with making my latest children’s fiction book FREE. I’d much prefer spread hope and happiness than make some extra cash from a new release.

It’s not yet released, so I’ve created a link below for you to download the free eBook via Book Funnel. I hope it will keep you or your kids away from the TV for at least an hour or so.

The Village Creatures: A Tale About Tails

If you drank Mr. Fitz’s Fabulous Formula, what animal would you turn into?

This hilarious book, illustrated with over thirty pencil drawings, is quite possibly the silliest story ever told! If you enjoyed Roald Dahl’s George’s Marvellous Medicine or David Walliams’ The Beast of Buckingham Palace, then you’ll love The Village Creatures.

Download your free copy here.

(P.S. Please do share this post or the link with anyone and everyone you think might appreciate a free kids book to make this situation a little less stressful!)

Because I want to focus on producing more books and other free resources, I’ll be pressing pause on this Weekly Cartoon email. I’m planning on returning to sending out these cartoons again later in the year but for now I’m keen to do my bit.

So, if you want to continue receiving updates on new helpful stuff you’ll need to sign up to my other mailing list. In doing so you’ll get a further three FREE eBooks, so it’s worth a few extra clicks.

Get your free copies of 49 Ways to Steal the Cookie Jar, 49 Excuses for Not Doing Your Homework, and The Boy Who Stole One Million Socks by signing up to my Parents Newsletter here.

I’d love to hear from you – if you have any suggestions on what content I can create to help let me know. What can I write / draw / produce to keep you and your kids busy?

Leave a comment on this post with your thoughts and I’ll comment back 🙂

Happy reading, everyone!

Monthly Cartoon: The Gay Ghost

Gay Ghost

I drew this cartoon for Halloween ages ago!

Then forgot about it until today. . . the day after Halloween. . . so I could either wait for another 360 days or post it a day late (hope you agree I made the right decision).

Check out my next cartoon eBook fresh from the press – ‘49 Excuses for Skipping Gym Class‘.

Monthly Cartoon: The Holy Spirit


In the past year I’ve been luck enough to visit three whiskey distillaries in three different countries: Glenkinchie Distillary (Edinburgh, Scotland), Jameson’s Old Distillary (Dublin, Ireland), and Pendryn Distillary (Pendryn, South Wales).

The word ‘whiskey’ comes from the old Gaelic term ‘uisge beatha’, which literally translates as “the water of life”. Naturally after learning this important piece of trivia the spirits cabinat in my dining room has quickly become more of a whiskey cabinat, complete with several tumblers and tulip glasses.

Clearly whiskey is the one spirit that rules them all, so I figured it deserved a cartoon… and this is it – ‘The Holy Spirit’.

Got some exciting news to share soon about my next fiction book and will also being sharing new drawings for my next 49 eBook aswell, so keep a look out and enjoy the cartoon.

Monthly Cartoon: Reasons for Voting

4 Reasons for Voting

Morning all…

Slight change of plan as today is a Thursday, and so far I’ve been religiously posting cartoons every Monday and Friday. The reason for the break in tradition is fairly obvious of course – today is the European Parliament Voting Day. So here’s my effort to get you guys in the voting mood.

Monthly Cartoon: Primary Teacher Wife

6 Things Every Husband Must Do for their Primary School Teacher WifeGood morning… and happy Friday!

Being a husband to (a wonderful) Primary School Teacher this particular idea has been bubbling in my brain for months. I felt obligated to share my knowledge and handy tips with my fellow husbands/partners/housemates who live with a Primary School Teacher. Its good to finally share it with you.

Have a cracking weekend and I’ll see you on the other side.

Monthly Cartoon: Talking to Your Boss

6 Sentences You Should Never Say to Your Boss


I’m extremely glad Friday has arrived, partly because it means the weekend is around the corner, but mostly because I get to share another cartoon with you. I overheard one of these in the office I work in (number 5) while the boss was away and it made me chuckle… that’s something you definitely don’t want to suggest! So I thought of another 5 that made me laugh, put pencil to paper, and here they are – 6 Sentences You Should Never Say To Your Boss.

I’m really enjoying Cartoons on Toast. If you are too please like the Facebook page, follow the Twitter page, and share them with your friends. Thanks folks and see you again soon.

Monthly Cartoon: Friday Procrastination Tactics

10 Procrastination Tacics

10 Procrastination Tacics cont

Good morning to you… and thanks for dropping by.

Friday has traditionally been the day that the Office Workers of the world find new ways to avoid work, thus beckoning the weekend closer. If you’re beginning to run out of ideas then I’ve come up with 10 that should tide you over until 5:30pm. (Just remember to incriminate a different cartoonist if you get caught and we’ll remand best friends!)

Seeing you again on Monday morning for another excuse for not tidying your room, taken from my favourite eBook.