The Boy Who Stole One Million Socks

There are three things you should know about Seaweed:

1. He is an eleven-year-old boy (and not the slimy green stuff at the bottom of the ocean)
2. He is an Eco-Warrior and the only one in Picklington
3. He is willing to do whatever it takes to save the planet . . . anything!

Here are three more things that make Seaweed really angry:

1. The people of Picklington are wasting far too much electricity. Bummer!
2. The Mayor of Picklington is profiting from the pollution by building his unsafe and unnecessary Nuclear Power Station. Double bummer!!
3. The Picklington Vegetable Society is campaigning tirelessly against the Mayor (which is hard work considering Seaweed is the only member) and they are getting zero results. Triple bummer with a non-biodegradable plastic cherry on top!!!

He feels like he is letting the planet down . . . until he joins The Carrot Bandits.

Join him as he discovers that indoctrination isn’t so bad. Sure, joining a criminal organisation and stealing one million socks is probably wrong but he gets to hang out with Pank, his equally indoctrinated sidekick, and he is finally making a real difference.

But blowing up the entire town in a catastrophic nuclear explosion would be a step too far, wouldn’t it?

This hilarious book is perfect for the little and big Eco-Warriors in this world. It’s going to take everyone to save our planet, and that’s exactly what this book is here to say (and also to make you laugh, but mainly the saving the planet thing).

Read sample chapters here.

See some of the illustrations here.

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